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We are pleased to announce a new website will provide a one-stop shop for Central Oregon residents on wildfire, public health, smoke, and prescribed fire information. Many of the resources available on the site were previously available however, this is the first time these resources and information have been consolidated into one place.

The Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Forestry, Deschutes County, Public Health representatives, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Project Wildfire, and The Nature Conservancy collaborated on the site ( to provide the public a more comprehensive website to answer key questions related to fire, smoke, and health.

This site will have up to date information on fire locations, prescribed fire locations, the current air quality, and how folks can mitigate any smoke impacts to themselves and their family. Learning to live with wildland fire is critical to a community being able to adapt to fire. A community that is adapted to fire is one that acknowledges its risk and takes the necessary actions to prepare themselves.

Please share with your connections and networks.

Thank you,

Alison Green

Project Wildfire/FireFree

Program Coordinator

Cell: (541) 419-1116

Office: (541) 322-7129

Project Wildfire is now on Twitter and Facebook. @FireFree_PW

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