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Address Sign 

Reflective Address Signs save lives...

The Cloverdale Volunteer Firefighters Association provides address signs to District Residents at a cost of


$25.00 Per Sign.


The fee includes installation within approximately 4 weeks.

A reflective address sign should be up once construction is started enabling Cloverdale Fire to respond to any incidents on the property.

Volunteer firefighters will install your purchased address sign.  If there is an older fire department address sign at your driveway, this will be removed and disposed of by the volunteer.   

Please do not move these signs once they are installed.  The location chosen for installation is determined by several factors, including the location of the nearest fire station.  The signs are placed perpendicular to the roadway to make them visible to approaching emergency vehicles.  Residents sometimes move these signs, or turn them so that they “face” the roadway.  We urge residents to leave the signs where the volunteers place them.  Moving the signs to another location has caused responding emergency vehicles to miss addresses or arrive at the wrong house, and increases the time that it takes for us to reach you. 


We do not want to take any longer than absolutely necessary to reach your home in an emergency.

Mail a filled out address sign application with payment to:


Cloverdale RFPD

 67433 Cloverdale Road. 


We accept cash or a check!

These signs are the best way to ensure that emergency service providers can reach you in the event of an emergency. When your lives and property are in jeopardy, every second counts.

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