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Fire district receives $11,000 in equipment

Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Fighter Association President Kyle Wattenburg and Vice-president Spencer Cashwell presented the Cloverdale Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors with $11,000 in tools and equipment at their regular March 16 meeting. The volunteers raised approximately $12,000 during raffle fundraisers last year geared toward equipment purchases. The tools presented consisted of two portable scene lights, two rotary cutoff saws for rescue work, and two ventilation fans to remove toxic smoke and gases from buildings during and after fires. These tools will replace currently used outdated, disparate, or non-existent equipment. This brings the total to over $40,000 that the volunteers have raised over the past five years specifically to purchase equipment for the district. Association President Kyle Wattenburg says that he speaks for all of the volunteers when he gives a big thank-you to the citizens of Sisters Country who have supported our organization over the years. He said, "Our volunteers turn this money right around and use it to directly help the people that so graciously donated to us. We are very grateful to be able to live in and help our community that cares so much about others." More information may be found at

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