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News Release from Oregon State Fire Marshal

After experiencing explosive fire behavior on the Eagle Fire last night, firefighters were successful at holding fire growth to moderate levels during the day. An infrared fly-over has estimated the fire to be 20,000 acres. The Eagle Creek and Indian Creek Fires have merged together and will be managed as one incident in the future. A spot fire, which spread across the Columbia River early this morning, is approximately 30 acres and is being managed by a Washington DNR Type 3 Team. Unified command is happy to report that the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge, built in 1925, was saved by Oregon State Fire Marshal's structural firefighters. A task force of structural engines and one aerial ladder truck worked in conjunction with a strike team of water tenders to keep the lodge wetted down during the fire storm of falling embers. Large trees nearby torched and fire crews used hose lines to protect the lodge from heat. Visit the Eagle Creek and Indian Creek Fires Facebook page to see pictures of the lodge. Ian Yocum, Incident Commander with the Oregon State Fire Marshal said firefighters were successful in additional structure protection efforts. "Firefighters had a good day out there. We lost one small residential structure and four outbuildings. We will continue to patrol and access structural protection needs." Defending private property, historical structures in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, the various State Parks in the area and the Bull Run Watershed will continue to be top priorities for firefighters tonight and tomorrow. In addition to structure protection, I-84 remains closed from Troutdale to Hood River due to rocks, snags and other debris entering the roadway. Oregon Department of Transportation will be working closely with the Unified Command team to determine when it will be safe to open. East winds are expected to continue tonight, but overall the weather will be calmer than the previous night when substantial fire growth occurred. Temperatures are expected to be cooler tomorrow, but a Red Flag Warning will be in effect in the afternoon for potential lightning. Winds will shift westerly which could propel fire growth to the east of the current fire perimeter. For real time and current evacuation information, please contact the Multnomah, Hood River, or Skamania County Sheriff Offices.

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