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Burning Season to Open October 15th at sunrise.

Weather improves fire danger, brings end of declared fire season later this week

The Central Oregon Fire Chiefs have announced that with the recent and cooler and damper weather, along with more of the same in the forecast, the expectation is the area will see the end of the declared wildland fire season Saturday, October 15 this year. The fire chief’s thank everyone for their vigilance in getting all our communities safely through another wildland fire season.

In select areas, residential debris and pile burning, is also scheduled to be permitted starting Saturday October 15th at sunrise. Check with your local fire department for details, requirements, and a permit. Note: some municipalities and home owner associations, such as the City of Bend and Sunriver, do not allow open burning at any time during the year within their jurisdictions.

The Central Oregon Fire Chief’s Association urges homeowners to prepare their property for the next fire season by thinning and removing ladder fuels from their property as well as other Firewise measures. Chipping on site and or hauling to the local transfer site are viable options.

Central Oregon Fire Chief’s federal partners (US Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management) will be executing prescribed burns throughout the region this fall. These prescribed burns will be conducted under carefully planned conditions with federal fire resources, professional fire managers and firefighters on scene, during favorable weather conditions. These prescribed burns improve forest health and reduce the forest fuels in order to lower the wildfire risk to our communities in the future.

Residents are strongly encouraged to contact their local fire protection agencies for additional burning information and regulations. All Central Oregon fire departments and rural fire districts will continue to monitor weather and fuel moisture conditions in their districts and may make modifications on a day-to-day basis. Please call your local outdoor burning information line for your current conditions. If conditions become dryer, individual agencies may choose to close local burning.

For Cloverdale Burning Regulations:

Calling our burn information line before burning is a requirement

(541) 5484815.

You may pick up a burn permit at either of our stations.

Station 601 - 68787 George Cyrus Rd.

Station 602 - 67433 Cloverdale Rd. (during hours 9am to 4pm)

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