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Cloverdale volunteers prepare for big move

4/12/2016 4:47:00 PM Cloverdale volunteers prepare for big move

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Volunteers dismantle shelving at the old Cloverdale fire provided

Volunteers have been moving equipment out of theCloverdale Road fire station in preparation for the start of construction of a new fire station apparatus building. Financed by bond funding, the new building will allow for a larger training room, and the ability to park all trucks side-by-side behind individual doors. This will allow for a faster response by the water tenders, which have been parked behind other apparatus in the old building for years. It also creates a safer environment for firefighters. The new building will sport wider and taller doors for the trucks, allowing for faster egress during emergencies, and room for the new larger engines that have been ordered. With more space around the trucks the firefighters will be able to change into their protective clothing and board the trucks more quickly once they reach the station, as there will be sufficient room around the apparatus. On Saturday, April 9, the last pieces of equipment, a hose storage rack, a set of lockers, two dressing benches, and other assorted equipment were moved out of the station and placed into storage. On Monday, April 11, the Sisters Rodeo Association was scheduled to begin the process of jacking up the building in preparation of moving it to the rodeo grounds on Highway 20. This re-purposing of the building will save the Cloverdale Fire District the cost of demolition and debris removal prior to construction of the new building. Construction is scheduled to start on April 24, by the bid-winning contractor, Griffin Construction of Prineville. The projected completion date is fall of 2016.

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