Fire Danger Level has dropped to Low

The Fire Danger Level in the Cloverdale Fire District has been reduced to Low. Remember, Burning Permits are require in the District. Always call our Burn Information Line (541-548-4185), before burning, to make sure burning is open on that day. Be safe and follow all regulations on your permit.

Cloverdale Fire Burning Regulations

Burning opened on October 3rd. Burn Permits are required in the Cloverdale Fire District. Below is the current Burning Regulations. calling before you burn is a priority. We may close burning on any giving day due to weather. A copy of your Burn Permit is required to be onsite. We will ask to see it if we are called out to your burn. Absolutely no burning in winds above 10 mph. Burning Requirements: 1. Prior to burning, call 548-4815 for current burning restrictions. 2. Burning shall be restricted to cleared areas 40 feet away from any building and 20 feet away from trees. 3. Debris piles no larger than 15’ wide & 6’ tall. Campfires limited to 3’ wide & 2’ tall. 4.

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